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This seems to me a faultless book. - James Hillman

He has shifted the way I look at reality, the way I listen to language. - Cynthia Bourgeault

One of the most courageous thinkers I have ever read. - Robert Sardello

A powerful book that should be required reading for all believers. - Ginette Paris

Anyone interested in anything must read this book. - Todd Lawson

This book is a jewel that returns us to the “wild energies of creation." - Susan Rowland



In the workshop I experienced a rare human being: a funny, passionate, engaging, joyous lecturer whose erudition is simply stunning. when I left the lecture I remember thinking, 'Tom makes me want to be a better human being.' - Jonathan Gustin

A scholar of extraordinary gifts and a wonderful speaker who carries his astonishing erudition lightly and elucidates the central place of the imagination in human consciousness. - Michael Lerner


"By turns ludic, dark, elegant, honest, with an enviable sense of the absurd, and with generosity towards existence, he is ever faithful to the turns of thought and feeling, interleaving the planes of the real into his continuous and wonderfully whacked-out song". - Joseph Donahue